Don't be Too Busy to Vote

I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t vote in the last presidential election.

I was so busy with 2 small children and a fast-growing company that I could barely keep up with everyday life.

I rationalized my decision to blow off voting by telling myself California would surely choose Obama anyway (it did). Why did my vote really matter?

Looking back, I realize how wrong I was. California would not have chosen Obama if all of his other supporters had been as lazy and disorganized as I was. Everyone's vote matters. And in this election, especially, your vote really matters, because the stakes are so high. Donald Trump is the most dangerous candidate I've seen in my lifetime.

This election I've already voted. I hope Hillary wins, but if Trump wins I'll at least be able to tell myself I voted against him.

(If you live in California like me, there is another very important reason to vote: to end the death penalty.)

Please don’t let the day-to-day business of life make you feel too busy to vote on November 8. Make a plan now about when and where you'll vote. Research shows people are more likely to vote if they make a specific plan to. 

VotePlz can help you find your polling place.

This may be the most important vote you cast in your life.